VO Demos for Actors

For actors looking to get into the voice-over industry, AnEn Productions offers an affordable, no frills, VO demo creation service. A demo is simply the tool to break into the voice over market – much like a head-shot is for stage and film.

For a flat fee, AnEn Productions will:

  • Consult with you via telephone about what you’re looking to do and discuss scheduling and copy.
  • Select a variety of effective copy for you and help you find your own copy.
  • Schedule a recording session at  AnEn Production’s studio where you will be given time to get comfortable with the microphone and the material.
  • Give you meticulous direction and record as many takes of each of the spots as is necessary to get the perfect take of each.
  • Select and process the best takes, adding sound effects and music as necessary and send you an mp3 draft of the demo (usually around one minute for a standard commercial demo).
  • Discuss possible changes, make the changes and deliver your final, high quality VO Demo files as MP3s and AIFF files.


Male Commercial VO Demo (Judd Silverman)

Male Commercial VO Demo (David Shakopi)

Female Commercial VO Demo (Kelly Curran)

Female Commercial VO Demo (Claire Gresham)

Look at these sites to listen to market references: Voice123.com and Voices.com

Please contact Eamonn for more information and rates at eamonnvo(at)gmail.com or 917.701.8388